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Located in the heart of the South Bay we the most versatile family oriented pizza place and sports bar in the area. High Five Pizza was established in 1989 by its current owner Myles and is a business that continues to grow throughout the 26 years of being in business. High Five Pizza is a family owned and run business that has spent many years developing its place in the local community.

High five Catering
Catering By Five

Catering By Five

Catering by Five is our catering company that is one of the most versatile catering companies in the area. We offer customized menus for events small and large ranging from company events, weddings to tradeshows. Check out our catering page for more information or to inquire about our catering services through the contact form.

Catering By Five

“Bets pizza place in San jose.  Has been a local staple ever since I was young.  Hot, fresh, and plentiful toppings on the pizza, what else can you ask for?”

K. T. - San Jose, CA

“Wow… Wow… Wow.  Amazing pizza.   My sister took me to High Five Pizza a few months ago, a week later I couldn’t wait to take my husband.  Point being, the pizza is pretty good.”

Diana R. - San Jose, CA

“they currently have my favorite gluten free pizza.  I’m all for the gluten, but the Mrs. is not.  Most of the time, I’m stuck with cardboard crust for outrageous prices.  At High Five, the crust is tasty enough and they load it up with sauce and toppings.  They don’t fleece you for it either! I’m a fan”

Nick H. - Ocean Side, CA

“A quality pizza that doesn’t skimp on toppings-thats high five. The crust is pretty much so thin it’s non existent, which I love because it leaves for a pizza full of toppings and crispy edges. They also have many tv’s so it gets packed with people watching the game.”

Malea M. - San Jose, CA

“Tried their all meat pizza with bacon, ham, sausage and pepperoni. Definitely a great place to watch a quick game , a beer and some pizza. Their mozzarella sticks are yummy too. Definitely coming back to try more items on the menu.”

Melissa G. - San Jose, CA

“Bets pizza place in San jose.  Has been a local staple ever since I was young.  Hot, fresh, plentiful topping pizza , beer,  what else can you ask for?  Their pizza automatically comes with thin crust, delicious!”

K.T. - San Jose, CA

“The restaurant is super chill. Watch sports, bring your family, grab a beer, hang out with uber sports fans who are never rowdy. My family used to reserve tables in the back room and we little kids would shove quarters in the sticker machines while downing root beer and slices of combination pizza. All ages are absolutely welcome and both patrons and employees make it apparent.”

Rachel G. - San Jose, CA